Artists I know are trying to figure out whether NFTs make sense for them. After reading about the underlying technologies and observing how they are applied, I’ve reached a more definitive stance about their impact on the arts.

Since the language of NFTs is digital exclusivity, I’m responding with analog inclusivity — in the form of a zine. (and yes, one of my first thoughts was “wouldn’t it be fun to actually make NFTs of each one?” but the environmental cost makes it fundamentally not legit to me). Both the zine and any individual image are licensed under Creative Commons Zero so share freely in any form you like!

~ Not mentioned in the zine, but important: don’t let anyone fool you into thinking they’re a necessary part of creating experimental digital art right now (AR, VR, generative art derived from ML/AI, etc.). Just because they involve technology and acronyms doesn’t mean they’re related. ~

*I’ll be selling print copies with a little extra goodness, both individually (get a random edition) or all together (get a 3-pack of each edition). Ping me @juliemeridian on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, or email if you’re interested!