I’m an experienced Product Designer (UX/UI) and Illustrator available for short-term design projects and consultation.

I adapt quickly to new teams and products and work best in projects that need seniority-on-demand.

I also make art.

Got a project and need a designer?

I’ve worked in design teams of various sizes: large, small, and not-yet-existing. I start with your processes and tools, and along the way I build out whatever you need for your future designers to be successful. I help you identify what skills match what you truly need.

Got a design role you’re looking to fill?

I’ve designed products for recruiters and know how tough hiring can be. Sometimes contract work can help in the interim – that’s where I come in. I live in San Jose and usually work part-time (3 days/week) or brief stints (1-3 weeks) that I alternate with my art practice.

Currently a designer, or looking to become one?

Happy to talk if you’re looking for advice! I studied computer science, made my career UX, and have always practiced an undercurrent of art. Since 2014 I’ve split my time between design consulting & fine art.