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Julie Meridian is the experience design consultant behind Make It Legit, where she helps companies hone their strategy, interaction, and visual design. Prior to that she designed for LinkedIn (member growth, Recruiter, Groups) and led design of the Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, and Illustrator. When away from the screen, she pursues fine art and illustration.

97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know

I am a contributing author to the 97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know book. My chapter is “Put On Your InfoSec Hat to Improve Your Designs”. Designers…

Nineteen Fundamental Truths zine

Artists I know are trying to figure out whether NFTs make sense for them. After reading about the underlying technologies and observing how they are applied, I’ve reached…

Give a token of your appreciation

A little card or gift is a delightful aberration when the vast majority of communication is digital, and the bulk of mail is, well, bulk.

Getting back on the horse

So something didn’t work out. Whatever it was, it stopped you in your tracks. Sheer force of will may be enough to get back on the horse, but how do you stay up once you’re back there?

Getting it built

What is built is what is real. A design is simply an idea until it can get into the hands of your users. How do you get it built? Who will do it, and what might cause it to change along the way?

Lend a helping hand

Your job is just one way to build and use your skills — have you thought about how those same skills could be useful for volunteering?

Get out of the office

Sometimes in the course of day-to-day work, solutions may lie in something less structured than our regular rhythm. Sometimes you need to step away to get a clearer view of where to go.

The simplification scrub

Once you’ve got the functionality you need, there’s plenty that can be done to simplify an interface by stripping it down one piece at a time.

Keep in tune and carry on

I’ve taken college and company-sponsored speaking classes, and while those have been helpful, the most effective techniques for me were the ones I learned from a singing class.

A picture is worth a thousand questions

Choosing the right photos, especially those photos that are meant represent your users themselves, can be powerful tools in a user-centered approach to design. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the questions they raise.